Instagrammable YEG

Looking for gorgeous, unique photos you can only get in Edmonton? There are so many beautiful places to explore and share with your friends.

Make it your goal to snap a pic at each of the below!

Muttart Conservatory

13355544_1201491456551208_122983818_n (1)
Image: the_real_machuk (instagram)

The Mutart Conservatory sits next to the river valley and offers great views of downtown. Its stunning architecture is filled with interesting plant life from a variety of ecosystems!


Image: bxvrly (instagram)

The Legislature overlooks the North Saskatchewan River in all its majesty. On the Leg grounds you’ll find gardens and fountains all ready for photo taking!

River Valley

Image: drrobinson_nd (instagram)

Edmonton is well known for the enormous amounts of green space. Nothing beats the incredible river valley which spans over 40 kilometers of prime photo taking opportunities.


High Level Bridge

Image: kdginyeg (instagram)

Crossing the North Saskatchewan river, the High Level Bridge provides incredible views of the river valley, the sky line, and lights up at night for gorgeous evening shots.

Art Gallery

Image: mehreenn18 (instagram)

The Alberta Art Gallery is a masterpiece itself, inside and out! The architecture of this downtown structure makes for amazing photos.

Whyte Ave

Image: yegvibes (instagram)

Whyte Ave is a vibrant street filled with local shops, restaurants, and photo op locations! Here you’ll find grafitti walls, historic buildings, and treats that are Instagram worthy.

Fort Edmonton Park

Image: parksits (instagram)

Head out to Fort Edmonton Park to explore the largest living history museum in Canada. There are over 150 hectares to explore and makes for a beautiful setting for photos in all seasons.

Dawson Bridge

Image: coffee_and_baileys (instagram)

This brilliantly blue bridge crosses the North Saskatchewan river and is surrounded by parks. Make this a go-to location for capturing Edmonton’s dramatic summer skies.

University of Alberta

image: richard2996 (instagram)

The University of Alberta boasts a campus filled with historic buildings and incredible landscapes. You don’t need to be a student to tour this amazing space!

Hotel Macdonald

Image: myviewinheels (instagram)

Hotel Macdonald is the historical, castle-like Fairmont hotel that overlooks the Edmonton River Valley in downtown. The hotel and grounds are filled with epic photo taking opportunities.

Ice District

Image: klauderton (instagram)

The Ice District is the area adjacent to the new hockey arena, Rogers Place. During the hockey season, this is the place to be to grab some selfies with your fellow fans!

City Hall

Image: iseanstewart (instagram)

City Hall is not just for municipal political decision making. Located at Sir Winston Churchill Square, this popular Edmonton destination has water fountains to cool you down on a hot summer day or to freeze over and make for a great skating rink in the winter months.

End of the World

Image: catzy179 (instagram)

End of The World provides possibly one of the greatest views of the Edmonton River Valleys. For years this has been a hush-hush location that was considered out of bounds but now the City of Edmonton will be developing the area as an official viewpoint. For notes on development, see here.


Did we miss anything?

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