Top Instagram Worthy YEG Food

Fellow foodies know the value of that perfect Instagram pic of something delicious. It’s unique, beautiful, and, of course, oh so tasty! Be the envy of your friends, family and followers by visiting some of these today!

Edmonton’s food game is strong! Here’s our top picks, in no particular order:

Doughnut Party

Doughnut Party
Photo by renhotelyeg (instagram)

This newly branded doughnut shop has the cutest logo and top notch doughnuts!

LEVA Cappuccino Bar

Image by: levacafe (instagram)

A go-to spot for breakfast, this cafe also boasts fantastic pizza, fresh gelato, and perfect coffee.

Seorak Teppan & Bar

Image by: seorak_yeg (instagram)

Edmonton’s go-to spot for pressed sushi. This stuff melts in your mouth! Make sure to leave room for dessert!

Seoul Fried Chicken

Image by: seoulfriedchicken (instagram)

If you haven’t had SFC yet, you are missing out! I could eat fried chicken every day of the week!

Scoop n’ Roll Creamery

Scoop n Roll
Image by: youngeunlee90 (instagram)

It’s definitely worth the wait to snag some awesome handmade ice cream that’s rolled for your photo delight. Grab some avocado ice cream while it’s still hot out!

Prairie Noodle Shop

Prairie Noodle Shop
Image by: thepickeyeaters (instagram)

Is there anything more beautiful than a photo of a bowl of ramen just moments before you slurp it all down!?


Regrub Love
Image by: regrub_love (instagram)

New to the Edmonton food scene, RE:GRUB specializes in mouthwatering burgers and sky high shakes!


Image by: albertaadventure (instagram)

MEAT specializes in… well… Meat! Great spot for taking drool worthy photos for your fellow carnivores.

Flirt Cupcakes

Flirt Cupcakes
Image by: flirtcupcakes (instagram)

This Edmonton local cupcake shop creates unique masterpieces that are almost too pretty to eat! Almost…

Bar Bricco

Bar Bricco
Image by: barbricco (instagram)

This upscale restaurant serves artful plates that are hyper-photogenic!

Julio’s Barrio

Image by: blendejene (instagram)

Julio’s is famous for their giant bull dog drinks, awesome Mexican food, and fun vibe on Whyte.


Image by: therealbuntcake (instagram)

These modern Mexican dishes couldn’t be more beautiful. Or delicious!

Ono Poke

Ono Poke
Image by: chukandre (instagram)

The poke craze has finally hit Edmonton. These dishes inspired from Hawaii are filled with flavorful seafood and fresh vegetables make for vibrant and gorgeous photos.


Image by: chantalle47 (instagram)

Remedy not only serves beautiful hot beverages but also tasty food that’s sourced locally!


Image by: biera_yeg (instagram)

Blind Enthusiasm, a new local brewery, just opened their restaurant in the Richie Market that is absolutely gorgeous and serves equally stunning food!

Duchess Bake Shop

Image by: duchessbakeshop (instagram)

No Surprise that Duchess made this list. Duchess is pretty much universally known as the go-to bakery for high quality pastries.

Izakaya Tomo

Izakaya Tomo
Image by: izakayatomo (instagram)

Here you’ll find Japanese tapas that are both incredible and unique!

Bar Clementine

Image by: barclementine (instagram)

This fine establishment is known for having some of the best cocktails in all of Edmonton. And they’re oh so pretty!


Image by: baiju_yeg (instagram)

One of the few places in Yeg where you can bao down! I like to think bao roughly translates to bites of deliciousness!

Cafe Linnea

Cafe Linnea
Image by: cafelinnea (instagram)

This cafe serves up beautiful brunch, dinners and exquisite high teas!

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