5 Fun, Unique Ways to Stay Fit in YEG

If you’re bored of the same ol’ gym routine, think about trying some of these other activities to keep in shape!

Archery Tag

Archery Tag
Image by: Magna Ludus (www.magnaludus.com)

Finally Edmonton has opened an Archery Tag gym. This high energy sport mixes dodgeball with archery and will leave you sweating!

Where: Magna Ludus

How Much: $25/person

POUND Fitness

Image by: POUNDfit (instagram)

This fitness class lets you rock out while getting seriously fit! Great option for music lovers and those looking to try something different.

Find an upcoming class near you

Rock Climbing

Vertically Inclined
Image by: raisinbranmuffin (instagram)

Rock climbing adds adrenaline and fun to a tough workout. Rock climbing is a full body workout that combines strength and cardio!

Where: Vertically Inclined – 8523 Argyll Road

How Much: $30/person

Dog-Human Bootcamp

Image by: Top Dog Fitness (http://www.topdogfitness.ca/)

Now you can combine your workout with burning off some of your dog’s energy in this dog-human bootcamp. Make deeper connections with your pooch while you both go through circuits and drills to keep you both fit!

Where: Top Dog Fitness (lots of locations available)

How Much: $20/person

Aerial Fitness

Aerial Fitness
Image by: circofitness (instagram)

Get fit while feeling like Spiderman! Workshops here teach you how to fly while engaging your core and working on your upper-body strength!

Where: Circo Fit – 11346 – 119 St

How Much: $20/person



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