5 Magical Castles To Explore In Edmonton

Sure, Europe has its fair share of castles, but did you know Edmonton is home to its own unique ensemble of castle(ish) architecture? Below we list 5 magical Edmonton castles you need to explore!

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald
Image by: fairmonthotels (instagram)

Completed in 1915, this ’Chateau’ style hotel was one of many that followed the railway stretching across the country that some refer to as ‘Castles of the North’. Pretend to be a prince or princess for a day, and be sure to check out the hotel’s incredible patio.

The Prince of Wales Armouries

Prince of Wales Armouries
Image by: tylermajeau (instagram)

This century old drill hall was once used for military training. Today, it houses the City of Edmonton Archives, and deserves a visit from your inner history buff.

Ice Castle

Ice Castle
Image by: britl (instagram)

Elsa may have done it first, but this incredible ice castle in Hawrelak Park has put Edmonton on the map. When winter comes, will you be sitting on the icy throne?

The Molson Beer Castle

Molson Beer Castle
Image by: weareyeg (instagram)

Who’s never dreamed of living in a beer castle? This historic Edmonton landmark has been given a new lease on life as part of the blooming Brewery District.

Fort Edmonton

Fort Edmonton Park
Image by: fortedmontonpark (instagram)

Sure it’s made from wood, but its got all the markings of a great castle. Explore the buildings, walkways and towers behind the soaring walls of this impressive stronghold.



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