Snowy Dessert – A Must Try This Summer!

Snowy Dessert opened earlier this summer and has been a highly hyped place to try authentic Bingsu!

Bingsu is a Korean creamy shaved ice dessert topped with delicious toppings such as sweetened condensed milk, fruit, and cheesecake.

Snowy Dessert
Image by: foodpictionary (instagram)

As you can see, these desserts are Instagram hits as they’re piled high for a unique treat, perfect on a hot summer day.

Get there early if you want to try their most popular option, the mango cheesecake bingsu.

mango cheesecake
Image by: mospg (instagram)

If you’re feeling adventurous, they also serve Taiyaki, which is a Japanese fish-shaped cake traditionally filled with red bean paste.

snowy dessert
Image by: yegfooddiary (instagram)

Visit Snowy Dessert while it’s still hot!

Where: 10209 82 AVE

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