Chinatown Dining Week

If you’ve been looking for a chance to get to know more of the amazing restaurants available in Chinatown, 5 restaurants will be participating in Edmonton’s first Chinatown Dining Week.

From Jan 20-28, these restaurants will all be serving $15, two-course prix fix menus.

Here’s the restaurant list:

Asian Express Hot Pot

Asian Express Hot Pot
Image by: redrainqueen (instagram)

Prix Fixe Menu:

  • Appetizer: two golden fried buns (served with condensed milk)
  • Main: Hotpot (soup base, choice of four items, vegetable basket)

Location:  10586 100 Street (Chinatown location)

Cui Hua Gui Lin Noodle House

Cui Hua
Image by: britl (instagram)

Prix Fixe Menu:

  • Appetizer: bacon wrapped shrimp
  • Main: beef brisket vermicelli in soup (Guilin style)

Location: 10626 97 Street

King Noodle House Pho Hoang

King Noodle House
Image by: saieii (instagram)

Prix Fixe Menu:

  • Appetizer: spring roll and grilled pork ball platter
  • Main: choice of large bowl of pho

Location: 10615 97 Street (cash only)

Taipan Cafe Restaurant

Taipain Cafe
Image by: mrs.bokchoi (instagram)

Prix Fixe Menu:

  • Coffee or tea
  • fish filet with garlic shrimp (with fries & garlic toast), OR
  • 8 oz. sirloin steak with garlic shrimp (with fries & garlic toast), OR
  • club house hot plate with steak, chicken filet and smokies (with fries & garlic toast), OR
  • chicken filet, pork chip and fish filet (with steamed rice or spaghetti)

Location: 10627 97 Street

Viphalay Laos and Thai Restaurant

Image by: lafacieats (instagram)

Prix Fixe Menu:

  • Main: choice of any curry or stir fry (served with coconut rice)
  • Dessert: choice of roti rolls, banana envelope, or scoop of coconut ice cream

Location: 10724 95 Street (Stadium location)

For full event details, check out the Edmonton Chinatown website.

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