Living Small in Edmonton

The new trend that’s making housing more affordable is hitting Edmonton. Tiny homes are a new, unique way of stepping into the world of real-estate at a much lower cost.

With tiny home prices starting as low as $65k, you can see why this housing option would be so appealing.

Not only are the prices great but these homes are absolutely gorgeous! Check out some of the companies currently completing tiny home projects in Alberta.


Image by: avenue_edmonton (instagram)

These seriously sleek and ultra-modern homes are stunning! They provide many options to suite the type of home you’re looking for, including homes built above garages. These homes can be ordered and ready in just 10 weeks!

Finished Right

Finished Right
Image by: lornel44 (instagram)

These eco-friendly tiny homes are built and designed with customers to create their dream home. Finished Right offers 3 different models or a “Do It Yourself” option for the handy men and women out there.

Pocket House

Image by Pocket House (facebook)

These high-end tiny homes will make your neighbours jealous! Pocket House builds custom homes starting at 533 sq. ft and manage everything from construction and delivery to servicing.

Blackbird Tiny Homes

Image by: blackbirdtinyhomes (instagram)

Offering 5 different tiny home designs, Blackbird creates cozy homes that will withstand our Alberta winters. They also can provide customization for those who have a dream home already envisioned.


13 Frosty Adventures That Make Winter in Edmonton Awesome

Edmonton is the most northern metropolitan of over 1 million people in all of North America. Not only does this provide the city  long, summer days, but it also makes Edmonton the best place to be in the winter.

While the frigid cold can sometimes be a bit tough to muster, with that temperature drop comes some extraordinary festivities you’ll only find here.

Ice on Whyte

Ice on Whyte
Image by: iceonwhyte (instagram)

The annual ice sculpting festival is a thing of beauty and truly captures the magic of winter. Stroll the boardwalk and gaze upon the icy works of art, then be sure to hit up the ice bar for a locally crafted beverage. You can find Ice on Whyte in January at Old Strathcona.

Silver Skate

Silver Skate
Image by: silverskatefest (instagram)

One of the most fun and exciting Winter festivals you may ever attend, Silver Skate has it all. From snow sculptures and sleigh rides to ice castles and fire sculptures- this festival encompasses all that is great about Winter. You’d be crazy to miss out on this wild event.

Ice Castle

Ice Castle
Image by: icecastles_ (instagram)

A real life castle made out of ice? This ginormous citadel is a fairy tale come true, and Edmontonians are some of the lucky few in the world who get to experience it.

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze
Image by: cairnm (instagram)

You never know what you’re gonna find at this fantastic Winter festival that brings various communities together to “revel in the magic of winter”. Spanning four blocks, you’ll find vikings, trolls, fire dancers, snow and ice sculptures, fireworks, yummy eats and more!

IceWay Skating Trail

Image by: cityofedmonton (instagram)

The IceWay skating trail in Victoria Park offers a whimsical journey through the forest in heart of the city. Perfect for a romantic date!

Northern Lights

Northern Lights
Image by: Kevin Tuong (instagram)

Many people go their entire lives never seeing the beauty of the Northern Lights. Edmonton, being one of the most Northern metropolises in the world, is gifted with the opportunity of frequent auroras- and there’s no better time than the long, dark evenings of winter to check them out! Keep an eye out on Aurora Watch for notifications of Northern Lights over Edmonton.

Outdoor Rinks

Outdoor Rink
Image by: allardinheritagevalley (instagram)

Believe it or not, not every city in Canada, let alone North America, get to enjoy the luxury of outdoor rinks- especially on frozen ponds. Take advantage of the city’s chill winters and partake in the great Canadian experience of skating outdoors.

Oilers Hockey in the Ice District

Ice District
Image by: icedistrict (instagram)

Let’s be real- having an Ice District is pretty cool (pun intended). With a gorgeous and state-of-the-art coliseum as a spectacular centerpiece, head downtown to see the mythical Oilers captain Connor McDavid make history on ice.

Skiing in the City

Image by: sunridge (instagram)

With multiple ski hills in and around the city including Sunridge, Edmonton Ski Club, Snow Valley, and Rabbit Hill, you can enjoy unique skyline views as you speed down a hill, all without venturing too far from home. And if you crave something bigger, Jasper isn’t too far away.

Legislature Christmas Lights

Image by: ketan_photos (instagram)

If you’re looking for a great Christmas light display, it’s hard to top this. Grab a coffee, tea or cider and head out on a magical evening walk on the Legislature grounds.

Snowshoeing at Elk Island

Elk Island Snowshoeing
Image by: haskincanoe (instagram)

One of the best things about Edmonton is having a National Park just outside the city. Not only is it a great spot to stargaze and check out the Northern Lights, it is also a great place to try out some snowshoeing! So go rent some snowshoes from the Visitor Center and check out some incredible wildlife, including the famous bison.

Red Bull Crashed Ice

Red Bull Crashed Ice
Image by: cityofedmonton (instagram)

This extreme sport, known as ice cross downhill, needs to be seen to be believed. Racers adorning skates speed through a downhill track, navigating jumps and curves on the race to the finish line. Definitely a must-see for any adrenaline junkie.


Image by: mrlafavor (instagram)

Hosted by the Devonian Gardens, Luminaria is truly a magical spectacle to behold. The garden’s pathways are lit by thousands of candles that take visitors through the Kurimoto Japanese Garden. The event is wildly popular and sells out quick, so be sure to grab your tickets in advance.

YEG Cheap Flights: Thailand and Japan!

There are incredible deals happening right now for Edmonton jetsetters!

Roundtrip flights to Bangkok, Thailand from Edmonton are going for $525 to $609 CAD (including taxes)!

Image by: r3olivier (instagram)

And you can add a visit to Japan for only an extra $100!

Image by: tateescapes (instagram)

Flights available from April until June 2018.

If you ever wanted to visit the land of beaches, cheap eats, and historic temples, now is the time to book!

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Travel safe!

Step Inside Oilers Owner’s $38M Vancouver Penthouse

Ever wonder what life looks like for the owner of our beloved Oilers team, Daryl Katz? Wonder no further!

Katz has put up his $38M Vancouver condo up for sale which means we can get a sneak peek into the life of Canada’s 18th richest person.

Image by:

His condo is located on top of Vancouver’s downtown Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel and boasts gorgeous views of Vancouver Harbour.

Image by:

This two-story penthouse includes 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, a personal gym, and a huge patio.

Image by:

While most of us may never be able to afford such a property, it’s always good to dream.

For a full peek inside, take a look at the property listing.

5 Awesome YEG Etsy Shops

Etsy is a great place to hunt for those one-of-a-kind items! These Etsy shops have awesome, unique pieces for purchase, while still allowing you buy local.

Once Upon a Vinyl by Liv

Once Upon A Vinyl
Image by: onceuponavinyl_byliv (instagram)

Liv Carstairs created this successful shop out of her home in Calmar. Liv specializes in custom signs and gorgeous decals that are widely used for special occasions or home decor. No matter the season, this shop has trendy items available for you. Follow Once Upon a Vinyl on Facebook for information on upcoming markets or sales.

Breakfast Jones

Breakfast Jones
Image by: Breakfast Jones (Etsy Shop)

Kendyl Lauzon, the Edmonton freelance artist behind this Etsy shop, creates custom digital art from photographs. Whether you’re looking for a custom portrait of your pet or an incredibly unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one, this shop has you covered!

Vegan Veins

Vegan Veins
Image by: kulrichie (instagram)

Their motto is simple: Love Animals, Eat Plants, Be Kind. This Edmonton-based print shop sells apparel that raises awareness about animal rights. You don’t have to be vegan to love that they donate 10% of all proceeds to farm sanctuaries and animal/human rights organizations. Follow Vegan Veins Facebook to find out what organization they’re sponsoring this month.

Pondhopper Studio

Image by: Pondhopper Studio (Etsy Shop)

Pondhopper Studio specializes in upcycled fashion. Lorraine, Pondhopper Studio’s founder, crafts each design using salvaged materials. Her focus being on creating exclusive, eco-friendly and unforgettable fashion from her Edmonton home.

Anurain Design

Image by: anuraindesign (instagram)

Keri creates highly sought after metal stamped jewelry and products focused on geekery, science & skepticism! This Edmonton shop showcases hand-made unique pieces that make great gifts or additions to your unique collection. Keri also offers local pickups.

YEG Cheap Flights: Switzerland Bound!

There are incredible deals happening right now for Edmonton jetsetters!

Roundtrip flights to Zurich, Switzerland from Edmonton are going for $568 CAD (including taxes)!

Image by: frauke_hagen (instagram)

Flights available from October 2017 until March 2018.

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A YEG Stargazer’s Guide to the Perseid Meteor Shower

Get ready for the most spectacular annual meteor shower Earth’s skies has to offer!

The Perseid meteor shower peaks in the middle of August each summer on the 12th or 13th day of the month. It is one of the most awe inspiring and magical events we have the privilege of witnessing annually! So grab a cozy blanket or reclining lawn chair, your favourite hot beverage, some bug repellent, and spend hours getting lost in the spectacle above.

Perseid Meteor Shower
Image by: cnbc (instagram)

During this period, up to  200 meteors can streak through the air per hour. The best way to view this amazing display of lights streaking across the sky is to find somewhere outside the city limits where light pollution is either limited or non-existent. The ideal time to be watching the skies is close to midnight, with 12:00 am to 2:00 am being the peak period.

Elk Island, a designated dark preserve, is a local favourite for Perseid fans, and The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada of Edmonton has a list of Dark Sites for your viewing pleasure. But any quiet place you can find with no cloud cover or city lights should be just fine.

So get out there and watch this incredible natural phenomenon with a friend. It’s unforgettable!